Monday, June 18, 2012

{i love you} from here to c.a.l.i.f.o.r.n.i.a.

Being a born 'n raised California girl, my front bathroom is decked out in mementos from back home. I had one blank space right in the corner, and I found something similar to this on Pinterest. I decided to accent certain cities that held significance to me. This design can be re-created for any state with any cities that are of importance to that particular person. I framed this in a lovely white frame.

Cost: $20 {including frame, personalization and any color scheme}

We all come from somewhere :)

cbs business proposal

I recently did a proposal for a company that was pitching custom transportation to CBS. I've done proposals several times, but this one was tons of fun. For business proposals that are basic in structure like this, but that grab your client's attention, contact me. Proposals come bound with clear protective covering. Price varies depending on length of proposal.

To see the entire proposal, click on the image below. Certain pages have been taken out due to confidentiality agreements.

Document quality lowered while viewing on Google Docs.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

baseball-themed {wordy} invitation

This Altanta Braves baseball invitation was created for my husband's big 2-7 birthday party {which we all know is such a monumental year}. I love these types of invitations because they allow for a great deal of personalization and work for any occasion.

size: 4"x 6"
cost: $7.99/10
details: envelopes included